"Education is the best weapon to win over the world".

Today, Education is the basic need of every human being. It is absolutely true that a human can move towards the way of Progress on because of good knowledge only. It is the education only that can disclose the hidden skills of a person. On the basis of the Education, one is the human being, the master of all other creators.

At present, everyone is struggling to move forward to achieve more than others in such a challanging and competitive life. But question is "When this will be possible?". Keeping all in our mind and analysing the trends of education, we have established an institute, Hi-Tech ITI. So that we can encourage for the progression of our society. The only purpose of Hi-Tech ITI is to make the skills of future young masons perfect so that they could work for nation and learn the manners to grow with people of fast growing world.

Hi-Tech ITI was established on April 10, 2001 by the determination of Mr. Zahid Ali Ansari and encouragement of friends. All the praises for Allah, the most beneficient and merciful, this institute is moving towards the path of success and achievements day by day. Graduates of our institute are earning good money as well as name and fame for thier family, society not only in the city but in our country and foreign countries also.

Graduates of our institute are awarded with "Governmaent Certificates". As well as free professional courses are run at our institute by Government. And we also provide facilities for the poor students who are unable to pay full fee due to financial problems.

By all your cooperations and efforts, this institute has completed 12 years of success and now flying high in the sky on success. We hope, you will co-operate us in future also to achieve our "VISION and MISSION to make INDIA a better place than ever".

Your well-wisher
Zahid Ali Ansari